Tips for the Perfect Maternity Photoshoot in Phoenix

Tips for the perfect maternity photoshoot

Tips for the Perfect Maternity Photoshoot


It is almost time to book your maternity photoshoot, and you want it to be perfect. Well I am here to give you some tips for the perfect maternity photoshoot!

We get stuck wondering things like when is the best time to have my session done? What should I wear or how do I pose? 

When you’re unsure what to do, it’s hard to move forward. 

The good news is, that you can easily bring order to the chaos by planning for the perfect maternity photoshoot ahead of time.

In this post, I’ll define how to plan the perfect maternity photoshoot and provide 3 tips to help you prepare and feel amazing the day of your session. I hope that this will give you a roadmap so you can get started with an amazing maternity photoshoot and feel prepared and beautiful the day of.

What is the perfect way to plan for your maternity photoshoot?

Prepare early on and make sure to have your checklist so you have everything you need done the day of for a smooth and fun experience. This will ensure you get the images you are in love with.

In other words:

Once you find out you are expecting that little one, start researching photographers, envisioning your session, and building your list of must-haves.

The added benefit is that you will have used planning ahead to find the best maternity photographer for the look and style you want and you will be more excited than stressed when the day of your session comes.

When is the best time to have my session done?

I like to photograph maternity sessions between 28 and 34 weeks.

This is crucial because the goal is to highlight that baby bump but not move into the risk of labor before your planned photoshoot day. 

Many people who are new to getting a maternity photoshoot done start out on the right track planning but then get stuck because they have no idea the right time to get their photos done if they don’t have direction from a photographer. 

Then they wind up getting their photos done too early, which can cause regret later if their beautiful bump is not where they wanted it to be or get them done too late. Mama’s we all know how it feels to be at the end of your pregnancy. Uncomfortable, swollen, tired, and ready to be done. This is not the way you want to feel when showing up to the photographer and sharing your images with all your friends and family. Not only is it uncomfortable, but there is always the risk of going into labor early, and if you are really set on maternity photos it can be upsetting that you waited too long.   

The key to getting the time perfect is to make sure to plan in the “safe” zone. We all know ANYTHING can happen but 28-32 weeks tend to be the best time to feel comfortable and still have a cute bump for photos. 

To get started planning, use a calendar and find your 28-32-week mark now. Then, find a couple of dates that will work for you and your family to plan ahead of time and not miss a date on your favorite photographer’s calendar.

What should I wear?

Your outfit can bring a feel to who you are and your style. 

If you’ve spent hours searching Amazon or websites but something still feels off ? Like you’re not finding the right outfit that is for you, this is likely the piece that’s missing. 

Without this, you can be spending money and time and still not find the maternity outfit that was meant for you.​​ 

What can you do?

A really useful tip for finding the right maternity outfit is try before you buy. 

This can be easy in-store where you can literally try something on, see if you like it, and decide right there if it’s right for you. But for online shopping, it can be more challenging. Some online retailers offer Try before you buy options like AMAZON

Another option if it fits your style and budget is Rent the Runway. This does require a subscription, but you can check cancellation options ahead of time to be ready for your session. They also have purchase options for your dresses.

What if I don’t know what to buy?

Another tip that can help take the stress off of shopping and deciding yourself is finding a photographer with a client closet. Many couture maternity photographers not only offer beautiful unique sessions but also have their own closet of outfits and gowns. You can see some of our gowns and outfits HERE. Yes, I have an addiction 😉 When you find a photographer with a client closet, you can try things on ahead of time. You can also get their expert opinion on the best outfit for your look and style. I really feel there is no better way than going in, finding what you love, and having it there and ready for your session day. 

The goal is to plan ahead but your trying on should be closer to the time of your session. If you don’t want to try on something and love it then that beautiful baby bump makes its grand entrance, and it no longer fits. 

How do I Pose?

Posing for your session helps accentuate your growing bump. By adding family into the mix, can help create a beautiful bonding image before you meet your new little one.

Here’s where you’ll really start to bring your maternity photoshoot vision to life. 

Of course, this may be a bit out of your normal comfort zone for how you normally pose. Consider this your baby’s first time to show off, so you help them out with some new fancy poses. 

The best way to nail your poses you can use to create beautiful maternity images is:

  • Look for inspiration on your photographer’s website
  • Then practice them ahead of time so you can see yourself in the mirror. This will let you get  a feel for how your body will move
  • Then, in order to have the smoothest session, let your photographer guide you. 
  • Another great tip is, that with new posing and body movements, you may be sore. Make sure to be kind to your body. Let your photographer know if you are feeling sore or need a little break and go home and relax. Know you did amazing! 

Once you’re done,  you’ll feel more comfortable and confident about how your final images will turn out.  

Putting it All Together for The Perfect Maternity Photoshoot

There you have it! The 3 components for your maternity session.

It may sound like a lot, but like most things, practice makes perfect. Just focus on preparing ahead of time. This will help you find the best photographer and nail your session. 

Ready to have the perfect Maternity Session in Phoenix?

I hope these tips for the perfect maternity photoshoot help you have an amazing session! Are you in the Phoeniz, Arizona area or surrounding area? Visit my website to book a free consultation. 

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